Bus Ride Doodles

If you know anything about Vancouver transit, it’s that one’s commute can be hectic. Mine is no exception. My husband and I try to live with as little a carbon foot print as possible (check out his North Shore Recycling Society Facebook page for invaluable information on how/where to recycle just about every material you use). It’s important to us to use our cars as little as possible. A large portion of my commitment to that is my commuting by bus, and because my commute is long it means I have a lot of time on my hands. I actually don’t mind it, most days….

I love to read, put my music library on shuffle, and recently have taken to listening to podcasts. While I have my headphones on, I doodle mindlessly in a notebook. There has been a lot of literature put out recently discussing the value of colouring and doodling when it comes to our mental health as adults. It seems we are all so overworked that we need to colour in order to de-stress after a hard workday. While I have to say, I am extremely fortunate to not have a particularly stressful career, I can completely attest to the value of doodling as a way to flex a less worked side of your brain. So I thought I would share some of my doodles over the next few posts, as I think they’re kind of interesting! Some that I have created are serving as inspiration for a decor item or two.


Scan 3

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