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  I have had such an incredible time this growing season, which is truly my first growing season. I am thinking up a deep thought on gardening, as there is more to gain from the experience than just what you reap. Stay tuned!

More Bus Doodles

As promised, I’m uploading a couple more photos of my bus doodles! The pink pen I have been using just doesn’t want to show up without a little photo editing. It appears almost as a grey below. I’ll make sure to amp it up in future posts. Trust that it is a lovely, vibrant, electric […]

New blog site!

Lovely people: I have moved my long-form posts to a newly made blog, Deep Thoughts. Check it out! As you can see when exploring my site, I have also created a direct link to the blog. When on the blog, sign up to follow me so you never miss a thought.

Bus Ride Doodles

If you know anything about Vancouver transit, it’s that one’s commute can be hectic. Mine is no exception. My husband and I try to live with as little a carbon foot print as possible (check out his North Shore Recycling Society Facebook page for invaluable information on how/where to recycle just about every material you use). It’s important […]

…But the difference between the present and the past is that the conscious present is an awareness of the past in a way and to an extent which the past’s awareness of itself cannot show. -T.S. Eliot