Make Something That Transforms You

white bed sheets, clear push pins, acrylic, projector

Video, 5 min.

Out of necessity, I began to compartmentalize my time into segments of work, school and life. Out of interest, I deconstructed these to include more specific activities like going to the washroom, or getting groceries. Further still, I included things that were more esoteric like being intimate, or listening to someone, and coming to a resolution about something. I documented each activity over a series of four weeks, adding new items as they came up.

During this time, I was completing 4 courses, working 30 hours a week and happened to be moving from an apartment to one closer to my studio, hence a need for some level of micro-organization of my time. All that remained in the apartment at the time of filming were two white bed sheets. I filmed myself tallying off the information I had collected over the last four weeks with black acrylic paint onto one sheet, and later projected this video over top of the list of items written in pastel on the other sheet.

My intention was to look at our lives as “data points”. What resulted was an intimate portrait of the artist, full of humility and vulnerability, in spite of earnest attempts to explore time and life in purely statistical terms.

3 still Transform

Video stills

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