Something More Than This


Prep Work,7 min. video.  

Work Bench series
glass table, plastic dividers, liquid paper, painter’s tape, desk lamp, 120 v. bulb

Work Calendar series
canvas, tissue paper, acrylic, glue

something more 2 banner

The exhibition, Something More Than This, examines what became a personal, paradoxical existence, and inevitably an impossible balancing act between passion and profession, working as an artist and within the arts sector. This series grew from my desire to strike a balance between both forms of work (creative and professional) and out of the following question: how do I maintain an active art practice when I feel creatively drained from my job?

For the Work Bench and Work Calendar series, I re-purposed my office stationery and work calendars as a way of garnering inspiration from the materials that surrounded me daily. Prep Work,  a video that played on an adjacent wall documented preparations for the next day’s art class in my home studio done after work hours, while an audio track dubbed over praised me for being so, “…organized, organized, organized.”

While it is praiseworthy to possess a high degree of organizational skill,  there are demonstrably limits to how far you can stretch yourself. The exhibition space feels empty,  with sparse lighting, slightly fuzzy dots of colour punctuating the dark corners as if I meant to put something there and simply ran out of time. Perhaps this exhibition is the answer to my earlier question, but it also feels like its probing at a different, more difficult one to ask: what feels more like work?

Something more full

something more 5

Work Calendar series.

puffedout         bloody

something more 3

Work Bench series

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